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Please read the General Terms and Conditions for Services provided by and, if you agree with them, confirm this with your action as a request for services (call, email) or indicate your agreement by clicking the "Order" button to confirm that you are familiar with these Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them. Each of these actions entails a valid agreement between you as a User and “Wecan Group”, as described in these Terms and Conditions.

General Terms and Conditions for Use of Services provided on the website

These Terms and Conditions contain a description of the services provided by “Wecan Group” Ltd on the website, and govern the relationship between “Wecan Group” Ltd and the users of the Services provided by the website

I. The following definitions shall be used in these General Terms and Conditions 

1. ( is a website in the virtual internet space owned by “Wecan Group” Ltd;

2. “Wecan Group” Ltd., or “Wecan Group” for short, is a trading company with VAT BG203265066, with its registered office and head office: Sofia 1618, Sofia, 2 Inzhener Borislav Ogoyski Str. For e-mail please email us at “Wecan Group” is a legal person, registered under the Value Added Tax Act.

3. User is any person who uses the Services, which are provided on the website;

A website is a collection of interconnected pages that are accessible through their permanent URL and contain electronic documents, text, pictures, images or other materials formatted via HTML or other protocol and accessible through HTTP or other protocols.

4. Services provided on the website “” to users are Services such as: custom-made works of art for personal (non-commercial) purposes; framing of works of art; packaging of works of art; the supply of works of art and/or goods such as frames for works of art. The services provided on the website are subject to continuous development and supplementation and are provided only under the terms of these General Terms and Conditions and the description of the website "".


II. Protection of personal data

1. Personal data

“Wecan Group” collects and uses personal information about its Users to provide them with the Services on the website. When using the Services on the website, the User (the person) provides his name, address, telephone, photos and description of the idea, as well as any other information that the User enters, uses or voluntarily provides when accessing or using the services through the website, or otherwise by phone, email, etc.

2. Authorization to provide and use personal data

For the use of the Services on the website, the User declares that they voluntarily provide their personal data and their consent for their storage in any country in the world. Should the user refuse to provide his or her personal data to “Wecan Group” in its entirety as listed in the previous subparagraph, “Wecan Group” will be unable to fulfill the request for Services received through the website or under another way.


3. Purposes for the collection of personal data and cookies

“Wecan Group” uses the personal data of Users to provide them with the Services they have requested. In addition, “Wecan Group” may install cookies on users' computers. User cookies are used for, but not limited to, tracking the actions of the website through Google Analytics in order to improve the Services provided and the content and navigation of the website; for one of the following Google AdWords features - remarketing, interest categories, similar audiences, other types of interest-based advertising, or demographic and location targeting and to track the movements of the mouse and the behavior of users of the website with different platforms allowing it.

The User agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. The user has the right to object to the processing of his / her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a written message to “Wecan Group” at the specified addresses or from the "Contact us" form on the website "".

The User agrees that the contact information provided by them will be used for the purpose of sending messages related to their order, sending offers and promotions, as well as information about changes and general improvements and updates.

4. Provision of data to third parties

“Wecan Group” will not sell or provide your personal data to third parties, except in connection with the execution of the requested Services - to authors for the production of the artwork, to couriers for delivery to the specified address, etc .; as described in these Terms and Conditions or except as required by law. Users' names, their email addresses and phones will not be disclosed in any way for direct marketing purposes to third parties.

We accept payments with PayPal and Paysera. When we process a payment, some of your information will be transmitted to PayPal and/or Paysera, including information required to process the payment, such as order amount and payment information.

5. Privacy Policy

The full informaction about our Privacy Policy can be found here:

III. Permission to produce a work of fine art

1. Upon request for a Service, which includes the creation of a work of fine art, representing a portrait image, the User declares that they give their explicit and gratuitous consent for the production of the work from “Wecan Group”. In case the User, when using the Services, through the website, stated a Service, which includes the creation of a work of fine art, which is a portrait image of a third party, the User declares that they have received from them (the third party) the legal right to grant his express and gratuitous consent to the creation of the work from “Wecan Group”.

The User declares that upon request for a Service, which includes the creation of a work of fine art, which is a portrait image of a third party, the User is legally authorized to give the consent to a third party and will bear all legal, material and moral responsibility, in the case of lack of consent and claim on the part of the person in the work of fine art.

The User declares that upon request for a Service involving the use of the trademark or intellectual property, the User is legally authorized to grant the intellectual property right to “Wecan Group” to perform the Service.

“Wecan Group” reserves the right to use any caricature/cartoon drawing and provided original photo for the purposes of marketing and promotional material without the customer's official consent. If the client does not wish to do so, they must explicitly notify “Wecan Group” in writing of their decision through the contact form of the website or at some of the addresses listed on the website.

Conditions for ordering, production and delivery of goods

Each order is sent at random to the first freelance artist. Choice of style, added objects, and any other details in the plot, theme and background of the caricature, as well as any other specifics for the product's production are paid extra, as announced on the price page of the Caricature24 website. If the Client does not reply to the preview email within 24 hours with confirmation or desire to change the details of the caricature, “Wecan Group” accepts that this is the final version of the work and sends it without any further changes.

It is the client's responsibility to provide a photo that meets the requirements for a suitable photo, from which a caricature of best quality could be drawn according to the information provided on the website. If the photo submitted by the Client is unclear or does not meet the mentioned requirements, then the Client acknowledges that they are aware that the final result may not be similar to the photo provided. Any additional changes may be subject to an additional charge.

In order to draw a caricature, the “Wecan Group” artists reserve the right to enhance, resize and exaggerate the features of the person pictured in the caricature. The vision and realization of the artist in drawing the caricature are extreme. “Wecan Group” reserves the right to refuse changes to the final version of the caricature. An exception is the faint resemblance to the picture and missing details that were previously specified in the assignment before drawing began. Such an exception and faint resemblance and missing details will be determined by the quality team.

The stated price for the individual goods or services is final and depends on the number of caricatures depicted and the added details and/or selected added details and/or options when ordering. 

Before the Client receives the final caricature in the form of a finished copyrighted work, “Wecan Group” sends a file to the provided by the Client email for a preview for approval of the caricature. If the Client wishes to change any minor details that were not originally specified, he or she should contact an employee of “Wecan Group”, who together with the quality team will examine and analyze the caricature and the photos provided and consider whether slight adjustments are possible. Any additional changes that have not been specified in the assignment are paid extra and accordingly lead to an extension of the deadline for delivery of the caricature to the Client.

Delivery of the final product when ordering a digital file is done by email

Delivery of the final product when ordering a caricature printed on a media selected by the Caricature24 website is made by a courier. Shipping cost is not included in the price of the product. The same is charged in addition to the amount of the purchase. For orders, the delivery for the territory of the United States of America is according to the tariffs of a courier company. 

“Wecan Group” will make every effort to send the caricature via delivery service within a reasonable time, so that it arrives at the Client address within the desired delivery time. “Wecan Group” will have no additional liability for delivery failure for any reasons unrelated to “Wecan Group” and is dependent on the courier company or unplanned natural and unnatural events such as strikes, vehicle malfunctions and technical systems, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters and events.

For more information about our delivery terms, please visit:

Drawing Time

The deadline for creating a caricature depends on the type of cartoon, the number of faces to be drawn and the current workload. Usually the time for the creation of a caricature is within 5 to 7 days after the approved assignment and photos (the delivery time is separate, and depends on the courier). At times of lower workloads, we can take express orders. Express orders are made within 1 to 4 business days. As the deadline for production begins to run from the moment of the final confirmation of the description (idea) and photos. Please contact us during business hours for an answer if we can fulfill your order in the shortest possible time. Express order from 1 to 4 days is paid extra.

Return Policy

Due to the specific and personalized nature of our product, reserves the right not to return payments, if the product has already been created. For this information, please visit:


“Wecan Group” maintains up-to-date information on the website, which does not exclude the possibility that objective omissions may sometimes arise. “Wecan Group” is not responsible for possible incidents of omissions related to the up-to-date information that it maintains on the website; bears no responsibility for the consequences, incl. any damages caused by or in any way related to the access or use of this website; is not responsible for the integrity of the information on the website from computer viruses or other threats. The use of information by users is voluntary and on their own initiative, at their responsibility and risk. “Wecan Group” does not guarantee unhindered and uninterrupted access to the website.

Reserved Rights

All copyrights for the Services provided at the website arise for “Wecan Group”. The consumer has the right to use these services only for non-commercial purposes. The User has no right to use the Services on the website for commercial purposes without the express written consent of “Wecan Group”. For commercial license, please contact “Wecan Group”.

Reproduction or usage of any part of the content of the website - articles, photos, graphics - both fully and partially - is permitted only with the express written consent of “Wecan Group”. All artwork caricature drawings are subject to copyright. All information on the website is presented as subject to change without notice. All rights reserved.



VII. Change of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time by “Wecan Group”, with all amendments and supplements coming into force upon their publication on the website or after informing the Users of the contracts in force.

If you have any comments about the implementation of this policy or questions about the data we collect, you can contact us.


First Edition: June 25, 2019

Last updated: February 18, 2020